Employee of the Month- Beverley

El Paso Animal Services recognizes Ms. Beverley Knott as the May 2020 Employee of the Month. Ms. Knott’s colleagues describe her as a team player, and as a Senior Animal Care Attendant, she displays a POSITIVE leadership attitude on a daily basis. She UNDERSTANDS the challenges that animal care attendants face and respectfully listens and answers questions on any concerns that may arise. Furthermore, she takes RESPONSIBILITY for the animals that are under the care of the Animal Shelter, by displaying her compassion and fostering animals that are in need of a safe environment. Her supervisors admire her RESPECT towards the shelter staff and the integrity she brings in caring for the animals. In addition, her supervisors add that she has brought innovative ideas to the Operations department and the animal care attendants love working with her. Congratulations and thank you Beverley for your Outstanding Customer Service. Animal Services is proud to have an employee like you.

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