***AT RISK***

Meet Furiosa, our beautiful blue-eyed Doberman mix with a heart as big as her intelligence. Furiosa might be a little nervous when you first meet her, but with a few treats and a couple of throws of her favorite ball, she’ll quickly warm up to you. Her striking looks are matched only by her sharp mind, making her a joy to train and an impressive companion. Furiosa gets along with other dogs but can be a bit protective of her belongings, so she would thrive in a home that understands and can manage her behavior or where she can be the center of attention as the only dog. Despite her initial shyness, Furiosa is a sweet and affectionate girl who will reward your patience with unwavering loyalty and love. If you’re looking for a smart, beautiful, and loving companion, Furiosa is the perfect match. Give her the chance she deserves, and you’ll gain a friend for life.


She is at 5001 Fred Wilson, open 11am-6pm every day. Furiosa is at risk due to her resource guarding in the kennel and needs a home as soon as possible. It is possible this behavior is unique to the shelter, but is also possible to exhibit in the home with other dogs. Please come see her.