Hutch is a bundle of happiness and a true “happy-go-lucky” spirit. His infectious friendliness is a mood booster for anyone lucky enough to cross his path. With an underbite that adds an extra layer of charm, Hutch is a picture-perfect combination of husky and boxer magic.

This sweet-natured pup has a heart as big as his energetic personality. Great with kids and larger dogs, Hutch is the ultimate playmate for families looking for a furry friend to match their boundless energy. He walks well on a leash, showcasing his cooperative side, although a bit of excitement might lead to some playful pulling – after all, he’s just eager to explore the world around him!

Energetic and playful, Hutch is your go-to companion for outdoor adventures. Whether it’s hiking through scenic trails or enjoying a run in the open air, this husky/boxer mix is up for the challenge. His love for the great outdoors is as boundless as his affection for those around him.