Introducing Mahoney, the epitome of a lovebug in a compact, 44-pound package. This little sweetheart is bound to steal your heart with his affectionate nature and charming personality. Mahoney’s favorite pastime? Being carried like a baby and showering you with kisses. His friendly demeanor extends to everyone he meets, making him a delightful companion for families and individuals alike. This easygoing pup effortlessly adapts to various situations, showing both a calm side and a playful streak. Whether it’s a cozy evening on the couch or an energetic play session, Mahoney is up for the task. His versatility makes him the perfect companion for those seeking a dog that can match their energy levels and preferences. Social by nature, Mahoney loves the company of other dogs and is equally content entertaining himself with toys. His happy-go-lucky attitude is contagious, bringing joy to any household lucky enough to have him. He also ADORES the kiddos and does well with everyone he meets. Leash manners? Check! Mahoney walks gracefully on a leash, making every outing a pleasant experience. His well-behaved nature extends to various aspects of life, making him not just a lovable companion but also an easygoing and well-mannered friend. If you’re searching for a small package with a big heart, Mahoney is the one for you. His love, friendliness, and adaptable nature make him a delightful addition to any home.