Meet Miracle, a truly exceptional dog with a heart as big as her name suggests. This gentle and calm pup has proven herself to be both potty trained and leash trained, making her a delight to have around.

Miracle has shown herself to be perfectly at ease on the leash, earning her an A+ on her Doggy Day Out report card. While she hasn’t been around kids or cats, she’s unfazed by other dogs, demonstrating a laid-back and adaptable nature, and due to her calm nature with everyone she meets, we think she will do just fine around kiddos, and with slow introductions, possibly cats. Miracle is a gentle soul, brimming with curiosity and affection. She loves all kinds of treats and food, making training sessions a joy. This cuddly pup is happiest when she’s getting belly rubs and giving hugs. She’s also a big fan of the outdoors, enjoying running and exploring the world around her. Miracle knows basic commands, such as “sit,” and performs wonderfully in public places. Her calm demeanor makes her a pleasure to be around, whether she’s meeting new people or simply enjoying a leisurely walk. Though she might be hesitant to get into the car initially, once she’s in, she loves the ride and does great. Miracle is the perfect blend of gentle companionship and playful spirit. She’s a sweet and loving pup who is ready to bring joy and cuddles to her forever home.