Introducing Negroni, a charming canine with a heart as tender as his personality. This sweet and sensitive little man is a firm believer that he’s a perpetual baby, and he thrives on being treated with the utmost care and affection. Negroni’s world revolves around the comfort of being held like a baby, spoken to in gentle tones, and showered with the nurturing love that he adores.

Negroni carries the resilience of a survivor. Emerging from a challenging past, this little warrior has retained his gentle spirit and loving nature. Negroni may appear a bit shy when meeting new people, but once he feels secure, his true, affectionate self shines through. This dear pup craves a home that understands his sensitive soul and provides the patience and love he needs to thrive. Negroni’s past may have been tough, but he is ready to embrace a brighter future in the care of humans who can show him the kindness and security he deserves. A nurturing environment that allows him to feel safe will be key to unlocking Negroni’s full potential and showcasing just how good humans can truly be.

Negroni knows sit, seems to be potty trained, smiles when he receives compliments, loves to cuddle, and rides well in the car!