Volunteer of the Month-Ileana

Meet our Volunteer of the Month, Ileana!

Our VIP Volunteer Program is a program that fosters some of the bravest and most strong-willed individuals that don’t mind getting their hands dirty-literally! A handful of these volunteers have those hands helping in nearly every program, and are true heroes as they make every effort to support our lifesaving mission as much as possible. A fantastic example of this would be our September’s Volunteer of the Month, Ileana.

Ileana joined our volunteer program earlier this year, and has made it a point to be here at least once a week since then. Ileana provides her love and dedication to as many of our shelter animals as she can, and by “animals”, we mean ALL animals. This includes turtles, frogs, reptiles, bunnies and any other adorable bundle of love that comes to our shelter. Ileana’s love doesn’t discriminate, she is a proud and avid animal lover, caretaker, and volunteer.

Ileana is also a huge and important part of our Enrichment Program as she closely assists our Enrichment Coordinators with their daily tasks- sometimes even coming at 5:00 in the morning! When she is not helping with our Enrichment Program, Ileana is sure to be in the Adoption Office offering her assistance any way she can. Her blazing personality and dedication truly go unmatched.

Ileana’s strong and determined personality shine through as she works with as many animals as she can and we truly appreciate her being a wonderful part of our VIP Volunteer Family. Please join us in thanking Ileana for being our awesome September VIP Volunteer of the Month!

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