Volunteer of the Month-Karla

Meet our Volunteer of the Month, Karla!

Karla started as a high school student, chosen for the “Train a Shelter Pet Hero“ program, under the direction of our Training and Enrichment Coordinator and has been one of our most indispensable heroes since. Her passion for animals does not stop at volunteering, as she is currently on track to obtaining her Veterinary Assistant certification—a dream of hers since she was little.

Karla is one of those amazing volunteers who assists with each of our programs, giving her love to as many shelter pets as she can. But most importantly, Karla serves as a key-player in our Adoption Program as she works consistently in finding homes for our shelter pets. She is even our go-to volunteer when it comes to our major adoption events because we know her excellent customer service will shine through on those busy days when we find hundreds of forever homes. We are truly blessed to have the best and brightest future animal-welfare professionals, such as Karla, that give their time and love to our shelter pets.

Please help us in thanking our October Volunteer of the Month!

Q&A with Karla!

When did you begin volunteering?
June 2017

What sparked your interest in volunteer with El Paso Animal Services? 
My interest was how other people do care about animals and are willing to give time and love and I wanted to come and make it better for them in a world they can live in.

What is the biggest benefit you gain from volunteering?
Not to be self-centered and see how there are other animals that need help when they can’t say it for themselves and not everything is about you.

What do you think is the biggest benefit our shelter pets gain from our volunteer’s love?
Knowing that there is someone who will give them love and time and for them to know that not all humans are bad.

Is there a specific program you extra love volunteering for? 
Adoption Program because I get to see the people who are adopting them and taking an oath that they are willing and giving their time and life for them.

What advice do you have for any future volunteers? 
Don’t give up and don’t worry about how much love you’re able to give the pets because no matter what you do, they will always love and trust you.

If you can be any animal, which one would you be and why?
I would be a wolf because their roots go so far back that there might a chance they are dogs and know we’re still connected in a way that animals and humans have been for years.

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