Volunteer of the Month-Adan

Meet our Volunteer of the Month, Adan!

Adan thankfully came to our volunteer program in July and has been an indispensable volunteer hero since then. At first, Adan was very cautious and slightly timid but once he began working with our shelter-pets, we learned that he is one of the most brilliant, loving, and hilarious humans we have met. Adan plays a major role in all of our life-saving programs but seems to extra-shine in our Offsite Program as he assists with many, if not all, offsite adoption events. You are sure to catch Adan, and several of our adorable and adoptable shelter-pets, around the town during the weekends! We can always count on Adan and his tremendous dedication was even recognized by our Director and Team Manager who personally presented him with a small token of appreciation.

Adan’s calm spirit and demeanor is perfect for handling our shelter-pets and helps him excel in Enrichment where he is able to engage with our shelter-pets that have been in our shelter for a while. We love Adan and all of his efforts and we are so thankful to have him be part of our Volunteer and Shelter Family. Please join us in thanking Adan for being the Volunteer of the Month for November!

Q&A with Adan!

When did you begin volunteering?

July, 2018

What sparked your interest in volunteer with El Paso Animal Services?

It has always been a dream of mine to work with animals that are in desperate need of love.

What is the biggest benefit you gain from volunteering?

Just knowing that an animal has been adopted, and is on its way to a forever home, is more than enough to get me through life.

What do you think is the biggest benefit our shelter pets gain from our volunteers love?

It gives them the socialization they need to be placed into a loving family and live a good life thereafter.

Is there a specific program you extra love volunteering for?


What advice do you have for any future volunteer?

Volunteering might be one of the best decisions if not the best, you will ever make. So just do it!

If you can be any animal, which one would you be and why?

An animal I’ve always identified with is the horse. Horses are strong and can function in both a herd and solo

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