Employee of the Month-Valentin

January 2019 Employee of the Month

Valentin is an outstanding Foster Coordinator, often going above and beyond, both for the animals in our care and for his foster caregivers. Valentin also remains POSITIVE, even when faced with upset or distraught caregivers, and as the foster coordinator, Valentin UNDERSTANDS that he must be assessable to the caregivers. It is Valentin’s dedication and ability that allows him to effectively communicate with the fosters, while also providing excellent customer service that keeps our fosters coming back. The Animal Services Foster Program is one of the largest in the nation, and Valentin works tirelessly without complaint to support its success. Valentin offers the same excellent customer service to every person that enters Animal Services regardless of how busy he is. Thousands of animals needing foster enter Animal Services every year, and it is Valentin’s RESPONSIBILITY to find foster homes for each of these needy animals. While Valentin is a supervisor, he treats everyone with RESPECT and as an equal.

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