Press Release-City and County of El Paso Enhance Partnership to Improve Services, Continuing “No-Kill” Momentum

EL PASO, Texas – The City and County of El Paso are partnering to provide lifesaving programs and services to pets in the region. This continued collaboration will focus on educating the community on responsible pet ownership, and the available pet resources and programs aimed at keeping animals healthy and safe.

Through this collaboration, the organizations hope to develop enhanced opportunities for the entire El Paso community that will create a robust network of those who deliver services, policy-makers, animal welfare groups and residents alike. The goal is to improve outcomes for the animals, lower euthanasia and died in care rates, promote the health and wellness of pets, and create solutions for shelter capacity and pet overpopulation.

As the leaders in animal welfare, the City and County are committed to working together by sharing resources and knowledge that will empower pet owners, while creating a lifesaving culture in our region. This will be done through policies and programs such as the Community Cat Program, the Foster Program, and the practice of returning lost pets to owners, which prevents animals from entering an already crowded shelter and gives Animal Welfare Officers a chance to educate pet owners. Other ways the two organizations will work together is by co-hosting free microchip events along with low-cost vaccine clinics.

“Great things happen when two organizations come together as one community to solve issues,” said El Paso Mayor Dee Margo. “With the City and County maximizing their resources, this partnership is going to prove to be successful in saving the lives of thousands of pets.”

“As the City and County continue to find ways to create solutions to matters that affect the entire El Paso Community, I am encouraged by our current efforts to address animal welfare and service issues,” said El Paso County Judge Ricardo Samaniego. “We have much work ahead, however, I am optimistic that working together with the City of El Paso, local law enforcement and the rural municipalities, we will reach some tangible successes for the benefit of our residents and animals alike.”



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