Volunteer of the Month-Sven

Meet our Volunteer of the Month, Sven!

Some of our bravest and boldest volunteers are part of our Enrichment Program and get the opportunity to work closely with our wildly talented Enrichment Coordinator. One volunteer has shown to be our Coordinator’s right-paw man, as he brought with him prior animal handling experience and extra bravery and boldness.

Sven became a part of our VIP Volunteer Family in February and quickly became a perfect match! So much so, that he began an externship-like program with Animal Services. Every weekend, Sven will come by to ensure our shelter dogs are taken care of, loved, and will even assist our Enrichment Coordinator with behavior assessments.  Any time there was a situation that called for a strong, calm, and collected enrichment volunteer, Sven would swoop in like a true shelter volunteer superhero!

Sven’s caring personality not only brightened our shelter-pet’s days but our staff’s as well. Sven is the true definition of a go-getting volunteer and we are truly so lucky and blessed to have an outstanding man part of our program and shelter. We absolutely know that he is going to reach all of his animal-welfare goals and we cannot wait to see what amazing opportunities come his way. Please join us in thanking our VIP Volunteer of the Month, Sven!


If you want to become a volunteer, visit our Volunteer page for more information. 

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