July 4th Pet Tips

July 4th Pet Tips

July 4th is a time for celebration to enjoy with your friends and loved ones. However, for those that work in animal shelters, it’s often a time we dread. 

Every year on July 4th and 5th, hundreds of animals find their way to the shelter, often from being spooked from fireworks and fleeing for safety, or from guests accidentally leaving doors and gates open long enough for pets to escape. Last July, almost 3,000 pets entered our already-full shelter. 

Pledge to keep your pets safe this July 4th holiday, and follow these pet tips:

  1. Check your pet’s microchip: ensure that it’s updated with your current contact information. That way, in case they do ever get out, your pet can be reunited with you quicker. You can update your pet’s microchip with free websites like www.found.org. 
  2. Provide a safe space for your pet during the holiday: place them in a quiet room and turn on the TV or radio to help drown out any stressful noises like fireworks or festivities. Give them something fun to do like toys and treats to keep them preoccupied. 
  3. Don’t give them any bones or BBQ scraps: taking your pet to the emergency vet is no way to celebrate the July 4th holiday. Keep them away from any bones or scrap food just to be safe.
  4. Keep your doors closed and secure your gates. 
  5. Take your pets to use the restroom on a leash, even in your own backyard. That way, if a firework does go off and spook them, you can bring them inside easier. 
  6. Make sure your pet is wearing a snug-fitting (not tight) collar and a name tag with your contact information on it. 
  7. If your pet does go missing, visit the shelter DAILY. Check local lost & found pets pages on social media and hang flyers around your neighborhood. Sometimes it can take days, or even weeks, for a lost pet to wind up at the shelter. Continue to check back regularly. 
  8. If you find a pet, go the extra step to help them reunite with their family before bringing them to the shelter. Post their photo on lost & found pets pages, hang flyers around the neighborhood, go door-to-door to see if anyone recognizes the pet. You can also take them to your neighborhood fire station 24/7 to have them scanned for a microchip. If you can hang onto the pet for a few days while you look for their family, contact our Pet Resources team for information on our Finder to Foster program. 

Pet reclaim fees will be waived all July, so if your pet does go missing, just come on in and find them. Pets deserve to be at home with their families. 


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