As the COVID-19 situation is evolving rapidly nationwide, we need your help to continue saving lives now more than ever. First and foremost, The World Small Animal Veterinary Association states that there is no evidence that companion animals can be infected with or spread COVID-19. This is also the view of the W​orld Health Organization.​ We at El Paso Animal Services are taking steps to ensure that the shelter continues to operate safely in order to continue offering programs and services to our community, as well as continue to find lifesaving outcomes for our pets. We are fortunate that controlling disease transmission is familiar to our staff and volunteers, and our diligence in caring for ourselves by using good hygiene will also help our pets. However, our main focus at this point is on reducing the overall number of animals housed at the shelter. The reason for this is that the most likely impact is that intakes will increase while outcomes will slow, which is a predictable pattern that occurs any time people feel uncertain. Because EPAS operates at or near capacity, reducing intakes and maintaining outcomes is essential to avoid overcrowding in the shelter. Here are some of the ways YOU can help:


We are waiving all adoption fees until further notice. There are still currently over 700 pets at the shelter, and even more in foster homes, looking for their forever homes. If you’re ready to add a member to your family, please visit us.


WE ARE MOST IN NEED OF MEDIUM/LARGE DOGS TO BE FOSTERED! We are asking families to open their homes for two weeks to a pet in need to clear up space in the shelter for incoming animals. We also have numerous transport flights coming up, and need pets fostered for a few weeks beforehand. We have set up a convenient Foster & Volunteer application online to get new fosters started. This is also a great opportunity for those that have extended school breaks, or those switching to online schooling and telecommuting. Socially distancing doesn’t mean you have to be alone—share your time with a foster pet in need!


We are in need of more volunteers to assist us with various duties at the shelter, from walking dogs and enrichment, to data entry and admin support. Our volunteer team and EPAS staff is constantly working to put protection measures in place as the situation develops. We have also set up a quick and easy way to get on-boarded to volunteer, visit:


If you cannot do any of the above, please donate. With more pets going into foster and preparing for families to be impacted by the COVID-19 situation, we are going to be in need of more pet food and supplies.
    • Pet food bowls
    • ***Crates & Kennels of every size ***
    • Leashes and harnesses of every size
    • Puppy Pads
    • Dry dog and cat food (Purina One)
    • Canned dog and cat food
Please bring donations to 5001 Fred Wilson or donate from our Amazon Wishlist at
We will continue to update everyone as the situation progresses, and what changes that will mean for El Paso Animal Services. Just remember, El Paso’s shelter pets still need you! Together we will save more lives.

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