Stay Warm! Winter Weather Tips

Temperatures are dropping in the borderland, especially over night. Here are some tips to help make sure your pets are warm and safe with the drop in temperatures.

1. Give your pet a break and invite them in, even if it’s in the garage. This goes for Northern breeds like Siberian huskies or tough guys like your pitties–they still get cold!
2. Make sure any outdoor shelters are clean, dry and well insulated with straw, wood shavings or a blanket.
3. Keep an eye on your pet’s outside water. Ice is not a substitute for clean water.
3. For short-coated breeds especially, be sure to put sweaters on them to protect them from the elements.
4. Be careful when escorting elderly, arthritic pets outside. They can become stiff and tender quickly and may find it difficult to move around.
5. Do not leave your pets in the car. They can become cold quickly and animals can lose body heat rapidly.
6. Watch for antifreeze on walks. Keep your pets from walking or tasting it as antifreeze is deadly for pets.
7. Neighborhood cats may be seeking warmth under or inside car engines. Give them a chance to escape and knock on the hood or quickly honk your horn and wait a few minutes before starting your car.

8. If you witness any pet related concerns or emergencies, or pets without proper outdoor shelter, call 311 at anytime.

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