Press Release: Shelter Pets Need a Temporary Place to Stay as Transport Season Begins

EL PASO, Texas — The Spring and Summer months bring lots of opportunities for shelter pets to find new homes, but before they make it to their new families, they need help from El Pasoans willing to provide a temporary loving home.

El Paso Animal Services’ “Flight Attendant Foster Program” is a short-term fostering opportunity to prepare dogs for transport to other shelters and rescues for adoption. This new program asks families to welcome dogs into their hearts and homes for a one-to three-week period while they wait for their rescue flight to their new homes located in northern states.

Last year alone, El Paso Animal Services transported nearly 1,000 pets to their new homes.

The “Flight Attendant Foster Program” is completely free, with all supplies and veterinary care provided during the foster period. Families only need to supply love and a temporary home.

Families ready to “check in” as a “Flight Attendant Foster” can sign up on our website,

For more questions on this new lifesaving program, email the “Pre-Boarding Team” at The team will help answer any questions and walk families through the registration and pick-up process.

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