Press Release: Animal Services Reminds Public to Keep Pets Safe During Cold Spells

With low temperatures here to stay, Animal Services would like to remind the community about the simple steps they can help keep their pets safe this winter season.

So far this month, Animal Services has received more than 200 calls for pets that have been left outside with no shelter and other winter-related incidents.

Provide a warm place to sleep and rest: If possible bring your pets indoors, a garage or a laundry room are great spaces that can be used. If you must leave a pet outside, make sure they have proper shelter with four walls, a roof, and is in a location away from any drafts. Provide dry blankets and rotate them routinely to ensure they are dry.

Recognize that some pets may need extra protection: Senior pets, puppies and dogs with shorter coats need more protection against extreme temperatures. Limit their time away from their shelter, for example, take them for shorter walks outdoors. You may also consider adding extra insulation, such as a sweater or pet socks/shoes.

Clean up vehicle spills: Now is the time where many households are checking and filling their car with antifreeze. This solution is lethal to pets as it can result in serious kidney failure. With that in mind, it is very important to thoroughly clean up any spills from your vehicle. Please seek emergency treatment if you suspect your pet has ingested antifreeze.

Tap your car hood: Neighborhood cats tend to seek warmth from the engine compartment, with many sleeping under car hoods for the night. The best way to help prevent an accident is to simply bang on top of your hood or honking your horn before starting your vehicle.

Keep wildlife away: Some wildlife, like coyotes, remain active during the winter. With food being scarce in the winter months, coyotes and other wildlife will often wander neighborhoods in search for food. It is important to pick up pet bowls with food and water as these can attract wildlife into your yard.


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