Press Release: Court Awards El Paso Animal Services Custody of Neglected Dog Kept in Deplorable Conditions by Owner

El Paso, Texas—On Thursday, August 4, El Paso Animal Services Animal Protection Officers were awarded custody of a canine named Peyton after an investigation revealed that the dog had been kept in a deplorable state of health for a period of time without medical care.

The court determined that the animal was cruelly treated by his owner who failed to provide Peyton with medical care to maintain him in a state of good health.

The previous owners have been denied ownership of Peyton.

During the investigation, Peyton underwent a medical evaluation and was placed in protective custody with El Paso Animal Services. The City was awarded full custody, of Peyton and he has been transferred to rescue partners, Law ‘N Paws where he will remain under medical care.

El Paso Animal Services would like to remind the community that when reporting animal cruelty or neglect concerns, to provide as much detailed information as possible and leave your contact information in the case Animal Protection Officers need to follow up with the reporting party on case details for thorough investigations

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