PRESS RELEASE: City Animal Services Welcomes Traveling Veterinarian with BISSELL Pet Foundation Partnership

Shelter Finds Resourceful Ways to Provide Care to Pets

EL PASO, Texas — City of El Paso Animal Services is excited to announce the arrival of a traveling relief veterinarian from BISSELL Pet Foundation who is assisting with the surgical needs of the shelter. 

El Paso Animal Services, other clinics and shelters nationwide continue to work through the challenges of the veterinarian shortage, which is also heavily affecting the region. Thanks to grant funding from BISSELL Pet Foundation, Animal Services is able to expand medical capabilities by welcoming visiting veterinarians to provide much-needed surgical skills.

“We are grateful for the continued support from our partners, BISSELL Pet Foundation, who has invested in El Paso time and time again, by sponsoring adoptions, coordinating lifesaving transports, and now with providing much-needed surgical relief for the pets in our care waiting to be adopted,” said El Paso Animal Services Director Terry Kebschull.

This week alone, the Texas-licensed relief veterinarian will provide roughly 300 surgical procedures for pets at the shelter and in foster homes, and augment the department’s ongoing efforts of working with local clinics, contracting local veterinarians, and recruiting a permanent veterinary staff for the shelter.

While the nationwide veterinarian shortage puts a strain on the El Paso community, both at the City’s shelter and private clinics, Animal Services continues to find innovative approaches to providing medical care to the thousands of pets that enter the shelter every year.

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