Press Release: El Paso Animal Services Hires Borderland-Native Veterinarian

El Paso Animal Services Hires Borderland-Native Veterinarian

EL PASO, Texas-The City of El Paso is pleased to announce the addition of a new veterinarian, Dr. Antony Chacon, to El Paso Animal Services after the shelter experienced almost a year-long vacancy amid the nationwide veterinary shortage.

Dr. Chacon is a borderland-native, growing up on Anthony, New Mexico and went to Gadsden High School. He graduated from New Mexico State University with a Bachelor’s in Biological Sciences before he moved to London, England to attend the University of London-Royal Veterinary College. Dr. Chacon graduated with his degree in Veterinary Medicine in 2014, and began practicing veterinary medicine in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Chacon has over eight years of veterinary medical experience working with companion animals prior to moving back to El Paso to be closer to family, and is excited to bring his knowledge and skills back to his community.

“As a kid, I grew up caring for and taking in the stray and homeless pets in my neighborhood—now, I’ll be able to make a lifesaving impact on the pets in our community, giving them a chance to experience a good life,” said Dr. Antony Chacon, El Paso Animal Services Veterinarian.

“I am excited to have Dr. Chacon join our El Paso Animal Services Team. He has hit the ground running by providing much-needed spay and neuter surgeries and medical oversite for the animals in our care,” said Terry Kebschull, El Paso Animal Services Director.

This new addition to the medical team at El Paso Animal Services comes after a three-year-long recruitment campaign to bring veterinary talent to the shelter amid a nationwide veterinarian shortage. The El Paso Animal Services still has three veterinarian vacancies, but continues to find innovative approaches to providing medical care to the thousands of pets that enter the shelter every year, including working with local private veterinary clinics and hosting traveling relief veterinarians.

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