Press Release: Animal Services Offers Spooky-Free Halloween Safety Tips For Pet Owners

EL PASO, Texas — With Halloween around the corner, the City of El Paso Animal Services has helpful pet tips to keep our furry friends safe during the spooky day.

“Halloween can be a scary and frightening time for our pets, there are many precautions that pet owners can take to keep their animals safe,” said El Paso Animal Services Director Terry Kebschull. “It is important to consider the needs of our pets, so they won’t have any unexpected scares or additional stress.”

The following are some simple precautions from El Paso Animal Services to keep pets happy, healthy, and safe during Halloween:

  • Keep candy away and out of reach! Candies like chocolate and sugar-free sweets can be toxic to animals and even candy wrappers can become choking hazards for dogs and cats. Keep candy in a place where pets cannot reach it.
  • Don’t force your pet to wear a costume if they don’t like it. Test your pets costume ahead of time and make sure it does not limit their movement or ability to breathe. Consider something simple, like a bandana, which may be safer solution.
  • Keep pumpkins with flames out of reach of your pets. Use flameless candles to prevent the risk of injury. Be mindful with other decorations that can be potential choking hazards for pets.
  • Opening the door for trick-or-treaters increases the possibility pets escaping. Make sure pets are microchipped and wearing collars and ID tags with current contact information.
  • Keep pets inside the house, and away from trick-or-treaters. To reduce stress levels and minimize the risk of your pet escaping, keep them in a separate room with their favorite toys and provide some background noise so they are not distracted by the constant noise of the doorbell or children.
  • If you decide to take your pets for a Halloween stroll, make sure your pet can be seen by using reflective collars, leashes, or lights so they are visible.

If a pet goes missing, El Paso Animal Services encourages owners to visit the shelter located at 5001 Fred Wilson. Pet owners can also submit a report at


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