The shelter pets of El Paso Animal Services took to the canvas to create unique works of art for the sake of saving lives!

Several adoptable dogs walked through colorful, non-toxic paint to create original works of art that are now available for bid. Bidding will take place virtually, where art and dog lovers alike across the nation can submit a bid request now through February 14, 2023. Winning bidders will be contacted the following days, and announced on February 17, 2023. Click the button below to submit your bid now!


All proceeds raised during the Inspire Your Heart With Art – Virtual Art Auction will benefit the Friends of El Paso Animal Services fund. Friends of El Paso Animal Services strives to find and keep pets in loving homes. To make El Paso a no-kill community, Friends of EPAS knows that the shelter would need tremendous philanthropic support to reach and sustain this lifesaving goal. Friends of EPAS is a foundation supported by the El Paso Community Foundation to bridge the gap between the city shelter and the animals in its care, providing innovative programs to help the shelter and the almost 20,000 animals that they care for every year. It CAN be done with your help!

Check out this video to see our shelter pets painting in action!


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