If you have baby fever, or you just love kittens and thought about fostering, this episode is for you! We get down to the nitty gritty of fostering neonatal kittens, kitten season and TNR with this month’s special guest, Nicole Wisneski from Best Friends Animal Society. To find more information about kitten season and fostering, visit our website www.SaveTheKittensEP.com.

About Nicole Wisneskie and the Shelter Embed Project

Nicole is an Operations Manager with Best Friends Animal Society who is currently embedded in operations at El Paso Animal Services for the next year to assist the department with enhancing lifesaving programs. She comes to El Paso from Los Angeles, and is a Licensed Veterinary Technician who specializes in neonates, foster programs and medical programming. The Best Friends National Shelter Embed Program allows Best Friends staff to work side-by-side with animal welfare agencies across the country to help them implement proven lifesaving strategies and help scale programs to the next level to increase community resources and save more lives.

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