Show Your Pet Kindness – National Be Kind to Animals Week

This week is National Be Kind to Animals Week! Here are a few ways you can show your pet some kindness:

  • May is National Chip Your Pet month, and microchipping your pet is an easy way to make sure your pet can come home safe and sound in the event they get lost. It is just as important to keep your chip’s information up to date! We have many free microchipping events coming up this May, which are visible on our calendar at
  • Spaying and neutering is another great way to show your pet kindness. Spaying and neutering is an easy way to prevent many cancers and infections, as well as lessening unwanted behaviors, and most importantly, preventing unwanted litters.
  • Keeping your pet’s vaccinations up to date and keeping them on preventative care for heartworms and fleas can keep them safe from some serious (and expensive) illnesses!
  • Adopting or fostering a shelter pet is a wonderful way to give our community pets love and companionship. We have animals of all different kinds of breeds, ages, sizes, and temperaments. We have just begun the Bissell Pet Foundation May Empty the Shelter event, and thanks to Bissell Pet Foundation, all adoption fees are waived, and all animals will be spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and come with their city licenses.
  • If you can’t adopt or foster, there are several things you can still do to help our pets in need. We are in constant need of toy and treat donations, we are still fundraising for Kuranda beds for our shelter pups, you can share our posts and help us look for homes for our animals, and we are always open to having more volunteers. Every Sunday, we partner with Rescue Runners to walk over 100 dogs in 2 hours with the help of our volunteers and our community. It’s a great way to get involved if you have a busy schedule or are looking for a lowkey pastime.
  • We are always looking for more frequent volunteers as well to walk our dogs during the week, play with the cats, help with laundry, all the way to data entry you can do from home. There are so many ways to help out the pets in our community!

Did we forget something? What are some ways you show your pet or other animals kindness? Leave a comment below!

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