El Paso Animal Services’ Guide to a Pet-Friendly Thanksgiving Holiday!

As the holiday season brings joy and festivities to families, it’s important to consider the unique challenges it may pose for our cherished four-legged friends. To guarantee a safe and delightful holiday experience for pets, follow these essential holiday pet safety tips:

1. Keep the feast on the table!

Eating turkey or turkey skin – even a small amount – can cause a life-threatening condition in pets known as pancreatitis. Fatty foods are hard for animals to digest, and many foods that are healthy for people are poisonous to pets – including onions, raisins and grapes. Chocolate can be harmful for pets, artificial sweetener xylitol commonly used in baked good can also be deadly if consumed by cats or dogs. If you want to share a Thanksgiving treat with your pet, make or buy a treat that is made just for them.

2. Put the trash away where your pets can’t find it.

A turkey carcass sitting out on the carving table, or left in a trash container that is open or easily opened, could be deadly to your family pet. Dispose of turkey carcasses and bones – and anything used to wrap or tie the meat, such as strings, bags and packaging – in a covered, tightly secured trash bag placed in a closed trash container outdoors (or behind a closed, locked door).

3. Be careful with decorative plants & festive decorations. 

Some flowers and festive plants can be toxic to pets. These include amaryllis, Baby’s Breath, Sweet William, some ferns, hydrangeas, and more. Special holiday displays or candles are attractive to pets, never leave a pet alone with a lit candle. Other ornaments can be a choking hazard! Safest route is simply to keep your pets away from all plants and table decorations.

4. Make sure your pet has proper identification with your current contact information! 

Identification tags and microchips reunite families. Make sure your pet has a microchip with up-to-date, registered information. That way, if they do sneak out, they’re more likely to be returned to you. If your pet isn’t already microchipped, Tap HERE to visit our calendar for our FREE events!

5. Place your pet in a separate room & create a safe space.

Thanksgiving often means many visitors at once and higher-than-usual noise and activity levels. If you know your dog or cat is nervous when people visit your home, put him/her in another room or a crate with a favorite toy. This will reduce the emotional stress on your pet and reduce the risk of your pet sneaking out!

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