Press Release: El Paso Animal Services Promotes National Pet Responsibility Month

Highlighting Title 7 El Paso Animal Ordinances

El Paso, Texas— In celebration of National Pet Responsibility Month, the City of El Paso’s Animal Services is placing a spotlight on El Paso Animal Ordinances under Title 7 of the city code to encourage responsible pet ownership within the community:

Leash and Confinement: It is prohibited for pets to roam at large. All pets must be safely confined within their homes, and when outside, they must be on a leash or in a carrier. Exceptions include vaccinated cats, sterilized cats, and community cats processed through the trap-neuter-return protocol.

Registration, Vaccination, and Microchipping: Dogs, cats, & ferrets are required to be registered, vaccinated, and equipped with an implanted microchip. Rabies vaccines are mandatory, administered exclusively by a licensed U.S. veterinarian.

Annual Updates: Registrations must be renewed annually and rabies vaccines must be administered before the expiration of the first and each subsequent vaccination period. Microchip information must be updated within 7 days whenever there is a change in phone number, address, or ownership for the pet. In addition to the obligatory rabies vaccines, it is highly recommended to vaccinate dogs and cats against parvo, distemper, and FVRCP.

Identification: Pet owners must ensure that their dogs or cats wear a collar or harness with their current registration tag whenever outside their home.

Breeding Permits: It is illegal for breeders to sell cats or dogs without a permit in El Paso. As of now, there are no registered breeders within the city.

“These ordinances are designed to promote responsible pet ownership, ensuring the safety and health of our beloved pets and the entire community,” said Terry Kebschull, El Paso Animal Services director. “By adhering to these regulations, we create a safer environment for both pets and residents.”

The community can report suspected animal ordinance violations to 311 and for a comprehensive list of El Paso’s city ordinances, visit


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