Press Release: El Paso Animal Services Celebrates Foster a Pet Month

City Promotes the Benefits of Providing Temporary Homes for Pets in Need

El Paso, Texas – June is Foster a Pet Month, and El Paso Animal Services is highlighting the vital role fostering plays for pets and their foster families.

This month, the department is encouraging the community to open their hearts and homes to pets in need, offering them temporary care and love while they await their forever homes.

“Fostering a pet can be a rewarding experience for both the pet and the foster family,” said Terry Kebschull, Director of El Paso Animal Services. “It allows pets to thrive in a home environment and gives families the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in an animal’s life. Plus, it frees up space in our shelter to help more animals in need.”

El Paso Animal Services provides all the necessary supplies for foster families, including food, medical care, and guidance from experienced staff. All you need is a valid photo ID, be 18 years of age or older, and live within El Paso County.

Here are some of the key benefits of fostering a pet:

  • Saving Lives: By fostering, you directly contribute to saving an animal’s life, providing them with a second chance at finding a loving home.
  • Personal Fulfillment: Fostering is a deeply rewarding experience, offering a sense of fulfillment and joy watching the pet grow and flourish under your care.
  • Temporary Commitment: Fostering is a great option for those who love animals but are unable to commit to a long-term adoption.
  • Helping the Community: Fostering helps reduce the number of animals in shelters, ensuring that resources are available for other pets in need.
  • Learning Experience: For families, fostering can be an educational experience, teaching responsibility and the importance of caring for animals.

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